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Life Update

My job is fantastic. I love it so much.

Pokemon League is interesting. At first, it was great, resurrecting it. I met a guy who was supposed to help me with it, and he did for a while. We started dating and he seemed like he was the perfect guy, until a few months in. How was he so perfect at the beginning and so... the opposite after all that time? He became my absolute worst relationship. It was fine until he broke up with me, and then he tore me completely apart. He said that he lied about everything, and then he went back on what he said. For a while I was still talking to him, and then he treated me like shit, so I was done with that. I don't want to date anyone now, ever. No one is going to be better than he once was, and I'm not taking worse. No, thank you. I don't trust anyone in relationships anymore. No, thank you. So, because of those terrible memories, I don't like running Pokemon League, but like with the boyfriend, I won't give up. That's a terrible thing in these two situations. Right now Pokemon League is manageable, but I really want someone else to take it over. I have zero free days now with my job and that is not cool. Besides, I need a few days of because of...

A few weeks ago I pushed myself to the limit and passed out due to dehydration and went to the ER. I thought I was going to die, and then they told me it was just dehydration. -_-
Totally preventable. After that, I went through follow up visits and I thought I might have diabetes. I don't, but due to those 2 things, I found out my eating habits were TERRIBLE. And so my mom put me on a diet. It's a low-sugar, low carb diet, and it is super hard for me because I am literally addicted to sweets and snacks like Cheez-Its and Goldfish. With this low carb diet, I can't even eat bread. I have been eating salads every day for two weeks. Mom makes an awesome salad, but I won't be living with her forever. (I'd make my own if she didn't hide all the good stuff to put in it. D:) I need to seriously learn to cook more than just eggs.

(I have asked one of my friends for help on what foods to eat as well. She understands that I can't rely only on my mom and has made a list of what I should and shouldn't eat. Though, it's difficult to not rely on my mom when she has sole control over what foods get bought for the house.)

Can eat:
tea without sugar
peanut butter
sweet potato
100% whole wheat bread
unprocessed oatmeal
wild rice
brown rice
(BTW if anyone has recipe ideas with these foods for the ingredients, please let me know! I need to learn to cook/make a variety of foods!!)

Should stay away from:
white bread
white rice
white potato

(Side note: I had a slushy from Sonic and it was so sweet it tasted nasty to me. That NEVER would have happened before my diet, but now that my taste buds are transitioning back to normal, sweet things taste too sweet and sweet potatoes actually taste really good to me now. They didn't before.)

I have to admit something. I still live at home. I'm 24 and my job doesn't pay well enough to get me my own place. As for driving, I still don't have my license, and this is why: when I was sixteen, I was terrified of dying in a car wreck. (That one episode of Metalocalypse didn't help, my high school friend dying from a car crash didn't help either.) Later on, I eventually took driver's ed and practiced a lot, but this year when I finally went to the DMV 3 times, each time something else went wrong. Mom said "God's telling you it's not meant to be right now. Lets wait til August." Then August happened and I landed in the ER, and now I'm doing all these follow up visits every day I'm free. :(

I have to admit something else. I hoard like a dragon, which is to say, a lot. I'm not as bad as the people on TLC, not even close. But I do definitely have a problem, and it has affected my self-esteem and quality of life. It's gotten to the point where I have started really cleaning my room. It looks better, but I have a long way to go. So that is what I'm working on right now.
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Life Update

It's been over half a year since I graduated college. No, I was not ready for this "semester" to go by so quickly. I have lots to tell. Lots.

Edit: Reading old entries from my friends. I miss when most of my friends were on here. Of course, I had a lot less friends in those days, so it wasn't hard. Hey, look, I still know some HTML! Haha.

I just polished off a fantastic chocolate-covered Ritz. They're fantastic. Grandma's recipe. I need to get myself some Candy-Quik and make some. lol

I start my new job tomorrow and I'm incredibly nervous. What if I fuck up something?

Also, Skyrim is fantastic. I had to quit playing 3 months in because Brother's XBOX fucked up.

I am also now a co-league leader at Pokemon League! Pretty cool, though not many people show up yet.
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Nekan dream

I had an interesting dream last night. Is Nekan a real name? (said like Megan, just change out the consonants.)
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Writer's Block: Sweat it out

Should physical education in schools be mandatory, and why?

Yes. omg because i'm not very athletic and i need something. even though i dont like p.e. it's still education and things you need to know. they should really teach the food pyramid instead of sports, and excercise instead of always playing volleyball. and free play. free play is always fun. but if its too complicated its not fun anymore. and if its not fun no one will want to do it.
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Interview me!

Ask me anything! I feel like talking, lol. Anything you ask I will answer honestly to the best of my ability. I may be having a lapse at the time.
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rapunzel and symphonia

Has anyone here seen the Tangled trailer? I know it's CGI, but that's like the only thing bad about that movie. (and even then it still looks really good)
But maybe I'm only going to love it so much because I've always wanted them to make a Disney Rapunzel, ever since I was five.
And then wanted them to make a princess who more an iconic purple dress, ever since I was around 8 or 12.
I totally called it. :3 See, Jirachi is real! That's the second wish he's granting. The first being 100 pokemon movies. (I'm kidding about the second one, but I really did wish when I was nine for them to make 100 pokemon movies. And that was just when the first one had come out. I should have been specific and said 100 pokemon movies as good as the first. Lol)

Btw, has anyone noticed in the Tangled trailer... Flynn's a bit like Lloyd? He even expresses dislike about his wanted poster. De ja vu, anyone? I'm looking at you, Queenie Z. Lol (and colette can be rapunzel, sweet.)

I need more money so I can buy Rapunzel merchandise and cosplay materials! WAHHH!

-melody, out-